The Dog Day

Motto: “Like owner, like dog”
(including the energy we pass on)

Dog is not some worthless, chained thing, a doll, a child, an accessory, nor an instrument to boast ourselves.
It’s a dog (descendant of wolf), nothing less, nothing more!

Which is not said to to speak of the dog lowly or even in a degrading manner, quite on the contrary.

I would give life for my dogs, literally and with no hesitation!

They are completely pure, and act like our mirrors, but not only because of that.

Dog is the only creature in the world that is capable of loving you more than himself, and would die for you in a heartbeat.
For him, we are the centre of the universe.
He is completely dependent on us, and trusts us to no end.

This can NEVER be betrayed, and it takes more than only not abandoning him.


And why is the project bearing such unusual, and as someone may find, even repugnant name?

      • To get attention
      • To set it apart from other different dog academies, cuz I ain’t raising your dog for you

      • To act as a filter for owners, who treat their dog as a doll or a child, because, probably, I won’t be able to pass on anything to them at all

      • Because this is the way I like to joke, and humor betters all things in life 🙂

The main idea of our project is to share with you – in different forms, all day long, our experiences and points of view.
And indeed, to entertain you and to allow you to share your dog’s joys and sorrows collectively.

Even though I am not considering myself to be an expert, and I am even trying to get rid of the “dog lover” tag (cuz really, I’ve done and I still am doing more, much more than that), nevertheless, many people still see me this way; therefore I’m in daily receipt of requests for advice or for help. To answer all of these individually, would be consuming a lot of time and energy. As well, I often tend to notice that some owners, purely due to the lack of knowledge, cause unnecessary harm to their dogs and then to themselves, therefore I would like to reach out more widely and share my experiences, opinions and viewpoints with as many people as possible. That said, as it’s my habit in virtually all other activities, I will be accompanying these “lessons“ with humor and combining them with various other benefits, along with charity and more versatile entertainment.

For better understanding of my canine experiences you may check (there you’ll find – among other things – stories about my present or my past dogs, interviews with dog’s magazines, links to TV reportages, etc.), or you can take a look at videos on my personal profile on Facebook – showing me and my recent pack of four, walking freely through the nature, being surrounded by animals, or taking walks in the city, attending public events and even travelling across the Europe; Tekheesek, their predecessor, would even reach to Peru, Thailand, even to race rings and other places.

Interestingly, namely for the very fact that my dogs are rescues (three of them), each been through a touching fate, resulting into having different kinds of traumas and phobias – for example Meggie would not allow anyone to touch her, absolutely not the belly, and definitely not by a stranger; Cheeroush had literally a panic fear of water, etc… some of them were even repeatedly given back to shelter or just locked up and beaten, under the pretext of being considered uncontrollable – So despite having lived through this all, these dogs are completely relaxed today; they are comfy even at the vet, they play in the sea, and if there is some dog event going on, for instance, I let all four of them to lay down and wait with no leash on, completely free, – even if there are some other dogs barking and growling right before them, pack animals trying to bring each other down… undeterred by any of that, my tail-waggers are calm.

I was quite amused once, when I got to know that some of the dog experts are saying that my videos must quite probably be staged, because to achieve something like this is “impossible” 🙂
Like that one lady, a husky breeder, who saw herself as -all knowing and all capable of-said that husky can’t be taught to walk off the leash, free and released (and certainly not when there are animals around). She’s been advised then by someone, to check my videos and see, but she replied that there is no need to watch any of that, because she has been working with dogs for 20 years, and so she knows what can or can not be done.
This is one of the reasons – but by far not the only one, certainly, why I never consider myself being either expert or perfect. At the end of the day, even our errors or mistakes can turn out to be really helpful in some way, as long as we maintain honest self-reflection and a determination to move forward.
I am not going to force “my truth” upon you, I rather want to share with you what I’ve learned, and perhaps, in exchange I will learn something from you, because we all are unique and so are then our experiences and our dog companions.
(By the way, as to any “expert dog skills” of mine, long time ago, with my German Shepherds Rounushka and her son Cody, we passed couple of service dog exams; it has no fundamental meaning to me, but accidentally, thru some subconscious way, I remembered it as I was working on this text; it’s something that none of my new friends or fans know about).
I am a firm believer of the statement “bullshit walks, real thing talks” so shall I present you with some references, it would be by showing you my completely HAPPY DOGS 🙂
If a dog is not following orders, then it’s not him who needs training, but his owner.
It’s really not rocket science or special skills for chosen ones. Steps to reach a mutually content relationship with a dog can be taken literally by anyone, who is willing to think, learn and strictly follow the rules.

Unfortunately, thanks to the recent coronavirus situation, all the public events had to be cancelled.
However, in case of any interest or a question, you can still contact my dear colleague Michaela Hovadikova, who is now in charge of my project.

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Videos (some of them will only be visible to my FB friends):

This is how I dealt with departure of my sidekick, Teki

A Dog’s Prayer:

  1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years, any separation from you will be painful.
    Remember that, before you choose to have me.

  2. Give me time to understand what you want from me.

  3. Place your trust in me, it’s crucial to my wellbeing.

  4. Don’t be angry at me for long, and don’t lock me up as punishment.

  5. You have your work, your entertainment and your friends.
    I only have you… don’t forget that.

  6. Talk to me. Even though I don’t understand your words, I feel your voice.

  7. Be aware that however you treat me, I’ll never forget it.

  8. Remember, before you hit me, that I’ve got sharp teeth that could cause harm,
    but I won’t bite you, because I love you.

  9. Before you scold me for being uncooperative, obstinate or lazy, ask yourself if something else could be the cause of it. Maybe my joints are aching, maybe I ate something wrong, I’m tired or my heart is getting weak.

  10. Take care of me, even when I age. You too will grow old.
    Be with me on my final journey. Never say: “I can’t bear to watch this” or, “let it happen in my absence”. Everything is easier for me if you are there, even my own death.

    Remember, that I love you so.