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(Not only) Entertaining travel stand-up, with screening

“The Wretched Man – The Sinful Vessel” 🙂

Writer, adventurer and traveller Honza Drobny, who, following the success of his  book THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY aka The Lost White Man and The Crippled Dog  Across Continents, and having the first edition completely out of stock, is now  launching a new format of his public performances.

The first, fun-informative stand-up travelogue called The Wretched Man-The Sinful  Vessel, had a completely sold out premiere in Prague Theatre U Hasicu.  Same as the book before, even idea to make this performance was just a  spontaneous reaction to people’s feedback and demand.

Stand-up with screening is packed with life moments, curious situations,  adventures, fun and underlying messages, and it presents a story about ability to  look at things from different perspectives even in difficult situations, and the art of  not loosing humor, calm and composure.

It was a natural transition of standardly done photo and video projections from the  travels, which, eventually combined with Honza’s distinctive way of narration and  atmosphere in the audience, gradually transformed into a performance. He then  decided to turn his shows into a fun-informative stand-up with screening, and gave it the  same name he sometimes gives to himself as well, when someone praises him too much: The Wretched Man, The Sinful Vessel.

Many stories were born out of nearly unreal situations, public transport  experiences, visits of Inca’s descendants in their native villages, city slums or  buddhist monks meetings, or moose, seals, monkeys, but most importantly with his  loyal dog companion, Teki the pit-bull, who’s been crippled and Honza adopted him  with his condition earlier, and who later followed him to live in places like Thailand,  Peru – among others, and even proceeded with him to the farmland of Vasek Vydra,  enjoying the companion of the horses. On that farm is Teki buried today.

Honza gradually rescued other dog souls as well, and as a result he is nowadays  travelling through our land and through Europe as well, with his four pack, who  became an attraction not only in front of the circus tent in Austria. Story with a subheading “Not just about overcoming obstacles and finding a way”  is among other things about different kind of travel, with 600kg of dog food for the  pack, describing the beauties of the nature, traditions, or culture comparisons – that  and much more, accompanied with authentic photographs and videos on the  projection screen, will be presented to you by Honza, with humor, or in contrast with  deeper thoughts, in theatres and cultural homes of our centuries old homeland. All of you will be fondly expected by yet found white man and his whole dog band –  Sawandee, the Siberian Husky reincarnation of Teki and the rescued lot: Cheero, the mutt,  Refi – the crossbreed of Labrador and Fila Brasileiro, and Meggie the Stattdfordhire Bull  Terrier.


Tickets for the Moravian premiere of “The Wretched Man – The Sinful Vessel” stand up, performed in Cultural House Rubin, Brno, are now available online. The entire  proceeds will be donated to the dog hospital Dejte Nam Sanci, in Bukovinka.

A little Feedback from the audience: 

“Amazing performance done with a great deal of personal approach and without unnecessary pathos, amazing  entertainer and amazing experience. Looking forward for the next chat – that was the feeling of all of us – as if we visited  Honza at home, and it’s his greatest asset… There’s always a way, even to people’s hearts “ 

Jana Zelenkova 

“I highly recommend the show, Honza invited me to the Prague performance last year, and it was super, and what more,  all the proceedings from the show are being donated to the dog hospital, so you not only relax, get motivated but also  you’ll help some doggies. Simply amazing.” 

Lenka Gerlichova 

HONZA THANKS, Was Superb! 

It’s not the Peru we are so used hearing about :), it’s about totally different experience than those so profanely offered in  Peru by some others. 

It’s about attitude towards life, being honest to yourself and to your debts in all aspects of life. It was the book that led me to Honza, and funnily, it was Josef Formanek who recommended it to me 🙂 Some decisions  will hardly be understood by others and so even if they can look foolish or as an escape, only those who are dealing with  them, will understand and know what they feel and why and what needs to be achieved… 

By the way, he didn’t have any back up or support from the famous people, he was just not afraid of approaching them  and that’s how those friendships were formed 🙂 

All is achieved by hard job. Miracles can be done by yourself only, no other way. Once things get in motion, lots of effort  needs to be invested – but it’s amazing as long as you you understand that you can’t let up! 

Sarka Kindlova