If I should share my whole CV, a complete list of all the jobs and activities that I’ve ever done, some might call me Jack-Of-All-Trades, Baron Munchausen, Cimrman (fictional Czech polymath), or just a jerk or a fool. 🙂

Which is why it’s better to provide you with a brief list of my core activities, mainly including:

Events – especially company events, team-buildings, celebrations, but also weddings, birthday parties, etc.

Gastronomy – which I graduated from – The first private hotel school in Prague.
I basically worked through all the positions in that industry: chef, waiter, bartender, site manager, and restaurant operator, but also as a dishwasher.

Motoring (namely fast machines – two and four wheelers), I worked, for example, as head of marketing and deputy editor-in-chief for Czech motorcycle newspaper, tested motorbikes, represented riders, organized races and exhibition performances – European Stunt-riding Championship included. I also sold or rented cars for a living, particularly super sport-related, where I functioned also as an instructional and experience pilot.

Real estate – I worked in some development projects, or for a British real estate in our capital, reconstructions of recreational facilities inclusive; to some extent been involved also in construction projects for Dutch clientele in the Giant Mountains.

Charitable activity – For several years – mainly done for kids from children’s homes, for seriously ill patients, and sporadically also for children near death. In cooperation with Civic Association Život dětem (Life for children), we organized a benefit concert Bona Mente – Good intention, live on TV Barrandov, with the kind participation of the leading stars of our music scene, along with a fashion show.

Occasionally, I’ve been also helping abandoned or abused dogs and animals in general., but not really regularly or conceptually, not until lately (and now I have three rescues in my pack of four also).

But really insist, that I am not some man of noble virtue (alas, on the contrary!), and that all these activities were always done for personal gain – it pushes me, it enriches me, it develops me, it makes me feel good. I learn a lot, I meet interesting and respectable people and so on. It’s fun for me, I enjoy it and it fulfils me.
And, how I like to say, just like my favourite character Charlie, from Two and half men sitcom: I also do this, so that once in hell, they would at least smear their pitchforks for me.

You can have a look into the Media section on, where there are some interviews with me, TV reportages, radio broadcast, etc.

Or check what European champion and a world vice-champion in stunt riding Craig Jones wrote about me:

Also it’s been an indefinable happiness to me, and a tremendous honour that my book “THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY aka The lost white man and the crippled dog across the continents” was nominated for the Travelogue of 2020, for Messrs. Hanzelka and Zikmund award.

I was born 1976 in Prague, however in my heart it’s my beloved Kokorin region that I consider my home, with the cottage we had there. I lived in other parts of my homeland too as well as Great Britain, Peru or Thailand. Since June 2020, me and my pack are currently staying far north, close to the polar circle in Sweden.

Just to get an idea, here are some reactions of the public with regards to my activities after publishing the book in 2017:

Some photos from the past projects: