Dog activities

Another situation where I follow the motto: “What’s the need for words, if action can be shown.”
The best proof of a good dog owner, according to me, is a happy, well behaved dog.
As you can witness in my photos and videos (or books, movies, etc.), formerly unhappy dogs are now blissfully living, traumatised dogs with their phobias are now relaxed and happy, or you can see untrainable or uncontrollable dogs (especially with regards to the Huskies training in relation with other animals), who are now absolutely ok and normally functioning off the leash both in the wild and in the city, regardless of their geological location, be it equatorial Peru, tropical island in Thailand or the polar circle.
My current four-pack (where normally dogs are fighting for dominance with each other), even attended elk hunt (no leash) together with newly befriended hunting dogs 😉

More about my approach towards dogs and their training can be found here, as part of Dog Events introduction, which was pre-agreed in Czechia before Corona.

Alright, the public events are cancelled and me and my pack moved up north to the wilderness…☺

So I prepared this two options for you instead:

1) Dedicated to dogs, full of games, dog’s happiness, advices, inspiration and similar., ☺

2) Online advisory / Coaching, just get in touch and schedule a video call accordingly. If you will be happy, I’ll be glad to receive some voluntary based donation. ☺