Activities with Dogs

Yet another area where I like to focus on expression: “Less words, more action”
The best proof of being a good pet owner is a happy and well trained dog.
Through photos and videos (or my books and movies, etc.) you can witness formerly devastated pups, morphing into absolutely blissful beings;
Then traumatized and phobia ridden, now relaxed and happy.
Even supposedly wild and disobedient dogs, suddenly being obedient and easy, walking off-leash, both in nature and the city…
(e.g. wild = hyperactive Staffordshire female who, for 3 years, was kept locked up and beaten. Of course, at the beginning with me, she too was running off, following anything that moved… Disobedient = like Husky, whom breeders themselves label in that category. Especially in regards with other animals, where any training is deemed impossible. Yet he too had been off leash with me everywhere, just like Pitt-bull ‘the killer’ and so on…)
Venturing into deep gorges of Kokorin region, equatorial Peru, tropical island in Thailand or areas of the Arctic Circle.
Current pack of four (unlike many – peaceful and respectful to each other), has even joined me for the elk hunt (traditionally off-leash), together with the hunting dogs, whom they were joyfully playing with before… 😉

More about my approach towards dogs and their training will be shared through Activities with dogs intro, which was to be launched in Czechia before Corona happened.

Currently though, there are no public events, and also me and my pack have moved to the wilderness of the polar circle.

I did, however, prepare 2 alternatives for you:

1) YouTube channel for dogs full of games, canine happiness, advice, inspirations, etc.

2) Online help / coaching – just contact me and we will schedule a video call, wherein I’ll accept monetary gifts based on your satisfaction