A list of non profit organizations supported by me  –  find more at

At the same time being involved in a number of other projects – charities, educational, entertaining, commercial… Ideally if all of that transparently and meaningfully interconnects 🙂

I also cooperate with cities, – such as traveling with my projection tent weekend after weekend, across the town squares through the country in 2018. Each time, with the board of a given city, a non profit organization would be chosen to receive 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sale, which was collected over the period of three days.
I visited 34 places in total.

Last but not least, I support various other organizations in form of projects that are somehow connected to me or to my colleagues – for instance a client,
PR agency who represents me, Jan Becher company (for the brand Pernod Ricard) donated 95,400,- CZK to Assistant Dog Training Association Helppes (in year 2018 it was 53,000.00,-CZK and in 2019 it was 42,400,-CZK).

The very last activity I am currently involved with is construction of the dog rescue station in Cairo, Egypt. Dogs, in unbelievable conditions, often bearing marks of acid attacks or different form of tyranny…

Commercial partners:

Those who know me are already aware that I would never propagate someone,  even for all the money in the world, had I not used the given services / products myself, ending up being totally convinced about their quality. My gratitude extends  further of course, as our cooperation continues beyond the scope of terms and conditions of the contract.

March 2020 with Covid restrictions essentially ruined my  livelihood, built on public performances. However, following my motto “there’s always a way” and “make opportunity out of adversity”, I took my pack of adoptees into the wilderness of the polar circle, and stayed there for over a year. Upon our return, I didn’t feel like taking on some managerial position or to be staying in the city, but I really longed for new skills / experiences; and so I started to work manually in my beloved Kokorin region, for, who were also providing services for a PRINTED company.

Through this serendipitous setting, I came to know the amazing owners of the companies. Having had some friendly chat off and on, it later developed in them, liking the way I am living and working, and deciding to support me financially. Besides our next venture to the polar circle planned for May 2022, it helped me greatly in many other areas as well.
I love stories 😊
And I appreciate, respect and hold in high regard those people, who selflessly support things that they consider meaningful.


I decided to join powers with Traumapet company based on experience with their toothpaste product and silver enhanced oral cream that exceeded my expectations.
It literally saved the dents to one of my dogs.
Surely, the warrior spirit of Sawadee, my determination and professionalism of DVM Tomas Fichtel (Vet University clinic in Brno), who did a surgery and who also invented aforementioned products. The array of course is much larger than that, offering skin, ears, eyes, or anti parasitical treatment which, according to hearsay’s, would work well for people too. We will see about that, as our arrangement is mainly based on the product testing, done by me and shared publicly on social media. There will be instructional videos on how to use a specific item and also how to condition your pet to stay calm during the procedure.

Pangamin is “doping” me and my pack with various health supplements, which is great not only on a day to day basis, but especially helpful now, on ventures into new and often harsh environments. Their team (also thanks to their graphic designer) has helped me tremendously in a number of situations and provided support in most unexpected situations.
Martina, the lady behind it all, is not only an amazing friend, mum, foster parent to Ill-treated dogs and hens from ‘concentration camps’, but is also taking clowns to children oncology centers, organizes dog charity events, writes a book and does many other things. I’m her “spare time” she also runs useful web about vacationing with a dog (
*Deeply bowing* Thank you, dear Martina! 😊

All of my stuff (be it 30 seat mobile cinema, complete equipment for the road trips, including things like dog food or even office chair, as I spend time working on pc regardless my location, having 9mm slip disc makes the way you are seated, day and night, a supper important thing.) can be comfortably transferred in this amazing trailer from  Just like in the other two cases, with this partner too, I’m extremely grateful for the kind, approachable and very professional approach.
I’m glad to say that with all three partners, we are on the same wavelength too, from a personal point of view.
Thank you, Vladimira Kozakova
(and Mr. Hartman too!).

I’d like to extend my thanks to all who supported me on a crowdfunding event, while making my book, and to all who proceeded to purchase it, visited my performances, and so on and so on…
Simply put, my gratitude goes to all who believed in me, believe in me, support me, supported me and will continue to do so! 😊

Check out the 2 videos in which I represent my partners, for better understanding:

Would you like to take a part or be a part of this, either personally or professionally?
Or would you like to include me / us in some of your projects?
Do reach out – combining the good with the useful or interconnecting various, at times seemingly unrelated worlds to achieve mutual prosperity is my forte…! 😊