Sponsors and Partnerships


A list of non profit organisations that I support – more at www.vzdyjecesta.cz

At the same time I am involved in a number of other projects – charities, educational, entertaining, commercial… Ideally if everything transparently and meaningfully complements each other. 🙂

I cooperate with the cities as well – in 2018 for example, I spent each weekend, for several months in a row, located with my projection tent over different town squares all across the country. In collaboration with a given city, we would choose one non profit organisation, to receive 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sale, collected over the period of three days. Overall I visited 34 places.

Last but not least, I support various other organisations in form of projects that are somehow connected to me or to my colleagues – for instance a client, PR agency who represents me, Jan Becher company (for the brand Pernod Ricard) donated 95,400,- CZK to Assistant Dog Training Association Helppes (in year 2018 it was 53,000.00,-CZK and in 2019 it was 42,400,-CZK).

Commercial partners:

Anyone, who knows a little something about me is aware, that I would never promote anyone or anything, never, even for all the money in the world, if it was not for the fact that I am fully convinced about the quality of the product / service, because I am using them myself.
I surely extend my appreciation over and above, because our kind of cooperation goes way beyond the standard contract of partnership’s terms and conditions.


Sokol Falco has supported us in many ways since 2017 and I kept publicly praising them on several occasions. In June 2019 they’ve donated 600 kg of dog food (100% meat cans, kibbles, rice and snacks such as dried liver, lungs or tripes) for our Europe trip, so my pack would never suffer lack of quality. We therefore always enjoy availability of game meat, dried organs, sprats… simply anything that wolf descendants would need.
In June 2o20, we embarked with another half a ton of dog food to the far north, which was then replenished by a shipment of another 1000 kg to the south of Sweden in the fall. We went to pick it up and stopped at the airport to get our cameraman / photographer on board as well. Up and down it’s been a 3000 km journey – taking such a long way is a solid proof of quality, isn’t it? 😉
Together, we were able to show that no problem is big, not even corona, if you really want to find a way to make things work.
Thanks a lot for everything, dear Falcoes ☺

Pangamin is “doping” me and my dogs with various supplements, which is good not only on a day to day basis but especially now, travelling into new, sometimes even strenuous environments.
Except for that, Pangamin (and their graphic designer), helped me in many ways, and also offered last minute aid while I was facing unexpected difficulties.
Martina, the lady who made it all happen, is not only an amazing friend, mother, rescue mamma of sick, impoverished dogs or caged hens, etc.; but she also drives with clowns to the children’s oncology clinics or even organises charity dog events, writes books, and much more. In her “free time” she also runs a very helpful website dovolena-se-psem.cz.
I bow deeply!!! Thanks a lot dear Marti..! 🙂

centrumprivesu.cz made my travel life easy by providing me with a great camper, where I can transport everything – be it mobile cinema for up to 30 people, dog food, complete travel equipment or even my office chair (I work quite a lot on the laptop as we travel, and with those 9mm protruded discs, the thing you sit on day and night makes heeeck of a difference). Same as it was the case with the other two commercial partners, even here I am inexplicably grateful for amazingly accommodating, kind, friendly and professional approach, amazingly, with all the three partners we also greatly connect on a human to human basis. Big big thank you, dear Vladimira Kozakova 🙂
(and to Mr. Hartman too, of course!)


Restaurant, Pension-Camp Herman
I have known the owner of the pension for more than 20 years. He is a very good friend of mine, and in many ways a person I look up to.
His pension and his staff are under management of this very honest, skilful, hardworking, helpful and versatile professional.
There is a pool as well in the pension, and slightly smaller but very comfy camping area, greater part of which is hidden in the shadows of the trees with a small stream running through.

Town Rudnik is a gate to the Giant Mountains, so the pension will be an ideal place especially for hiking, mountain biking and winter sport lovers. 🙂


Thanks for providing information about my public events.


By all means, huge thank you belongs to all of those who supported me at the very beginning, during the crowdfunding project for making the book happen, and to all who later bought it or came to see my projections and so on, and so on, and so on…
Simply thanks to everyone who trusted in me, trusts in me, supported me and supports me, and will continue doing that…! 🙂

Would you also want to participate, on the corporate or personal level?
Or do you want to involve me / us in some of your projects? Please reach out – combining the pleasant with the useful, and interconnecting different, at first glance completely unrelated worlds, to reach mutual, or ideally public benefit is my forte…! 🙂