More than a YEAR long THANKS not to CORONA only

Obalka final zelena

Different perceptions on 15 months of pandemic (3 in CZ, 12 far away North).
Following one crazy guy and his pack of rescue dogs from the enchanting Kokorin region to the breathtaking wilderness of the polar circle.
Size A4, Newsprint 1000, colorful photographs + text.

Magnificent book full of adventure, curiosities, fun, inspiration, motivation, wonderful nature and happy – formerly unhappy – four legged creatures 🙂.

I know of a case, where someone’s life has been destroyed by winning a lottery.
Another man’s life (Jiří Ježek, our best Paralympics athlete), only turned happy after losing a leg.
Some people will slowly die, mourning the loss of their loved one.
Some people find the reason to live after the loved ones are gone, in their honor…,
for the love and respect they had towards them.
Each coin has two sides. EACH AND EVERY ONE.
I take it that ever since the Covid 19 started, most of us are already fed up seeing bottom side only, and I would like to flip it, and offer to show something nice instead,
rather than watching the devastating news of pandemic, continuously served to us by media, social media and politics.

Help me spread to the world a whole different take and energy on the times of Corona. Plus, you will help me to achieve other projects as well.

At first, implementation of the Covid 19 restrictions completely destroyed my livelihood, which was built on public events. As if it was not enough, the promotion of my new book became completely impossible following the lift of the covid rules, as there was simply a little of what would interest people more, than having control free summer 2020.
Following the Moravia cyclone I simply called all the efforts off.
I will attempt one more time, later, so should you be interested, here is more info about the book:

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