A great book:


15 months of pandemic in different light. From the enchanting Kokorin region to the breathtaking wilderness of the polar circle, with a crazy guy and his pack of rescue dogs. Size A4, Newsprint 1.000 colourful photographs + text.

Magnificent book full of adventure, curiosities, fun, inspiration, motivation, enchanting nature, happy – formerly unhappy – four legged creatures.

Help me to share with the world a different kinds of energy and perception about Corona times to the world, so varying from the version presented by the media, politicians and social networks.
Your help will at the same time support realisation of my other projects as well.

Here you will be able to buy the book in advance from 7.6.2021 and also get full information about:


Aka The lost white man and crippled dog across the continents – favorite book’s second edition.
Now also available as Audiobook with amazing voice of Vasek Vydra*, Ebook or illustrated version for the kids, narrated by Teki.
We are currently working on a photobook and comics version.

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Welcome to our Peruvian – European – Thai story, which is (and is not) about two ageing / ageless fools wandering the world. 🙂

* Czech actor. See “Variants” for more information

True story about (among other things) overcoming obstacles and discovering the right path.

Even though the story of the book contains travel with a crippled dog, whom I once upon a time adopted and there are other dogs and a lot of travelling described through the narration, the book is actually not about a dog and not about travelling at all… Among other things, I would like to mainly share – as the name of the book suggests – there is always a way. There is always a solution. It’s all a question of approach and point of view.

There were many critical moments that I encountered in my life. When I decided to go abroad, I was – in many aspects – quite literally hitting the rock bottom. Travelling was in a way cry in the dark of despair and at the same time, weakness turned to strength. On our roads together with my dog Teki, we often had to solve many “impossibles” or many “cannot’s”.
Shall we not have the will to see the path through the obstacles, we would either have never left at all or perhaps we would be stranded in the middle of the rainforest somewhere. We could also be still trapped in one of the airports during our transits, transfers or returns.
The whole story shows that good deeds come back to us and that everything always happens just the way it’s meant to be. In a given moment, we don’t often see it that way, but it does not mean it’s not true.
It may all sound as a cliche or spreading stupid “sunshine positivity”
but really, our story shows that all these claims are true.


Vaclav Vydra is Czech film and theater actor whom most of our generation grew up seeing in movies and TV shows and came to love him. It was his never ending presence in our minds, kind heart and charming personality that led us to believe his voice cover for planned audiobook would be the best, and to our luck, he willingly participated.

Currently the making of the book takes longer than we (or V. Vydra and our sound engineers) would have expected – not to mention corona restrictions – but we believe it will be well worth it!

Vaclav has already finished the voice recordings, I edited and adjusted everything, music has been composed… Now the actor and the sound guys need to spend “some hours” more on the project, and hopefully March 2021 will be the launch time!

Story behind our cooperation 

V. Vydra is besides his active TV and Movie career known also as a big animal lover. That combined with his friendly and kind demeanor, made him a perfect candidate for our project.
Even though we never met personally, I felt great sympathy towards the actor and mustered the courage to contact him when I returned from Peru.
At that time, I only had a plan, a dream, to once proceed with this idea, even though the very fact that it will ever be published was uncertain.
He however, responded kindly and in a welcoming manner also invited me to spend time with him at his farmhouse. We managed to connect quickly, and ever since then I have the honor to consider him a friend.

If you are curious, his filmography and basic info is listed here:

Artist Alexandra Detinska, whom I’ve been very lucky to get engaged in the project as well is a famous painter who received number of international awards (e.g. Prix George Casper or Parocchia Di Varenna).
Alexandra works on the book intensively and it’s almost ready.
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More about the artist at

See especially the “obrazy” section to admire her creations!

Ongoing project, as in comparison to the other versions, this book includes stories that happened even after returning from Thailand and it will bear the name “From Peru to Polar Circle”. (Where I currently live with a pack of four furry followers of Teki.)
Pre-sale / Crowdfunding will only be launched in March 2022, but you can stay in the loop joining our newsletter or contacting me on my email honza@vzdyjecesta.cz

The time has not come yet, as we are still yet to encounter a skilled artist, someone who will not only be good in his/her field but also will love our story so it can be nicely presented to the comic’s reader.
If you know about certain someone, let me know at honza@vzdyjecesta.cz

Thank you!