Public events


On 11th March 2020 I drove my expedition car to Letnany, Praha for the biggest travel festival Kolem Světa (Around the Globe). There we exhibited it at the main hall and with Karel Wolf, the organiser, we recorded an invitation for my projection and autograph session (and more), starting on 15th of March 2020. That was to start the whole season of numerous activities, performances and events – travel, theater, dog, motivational, company or charity-related… I’ve been working on it with my team the whole winter and basically all the 4 years since my return from Thailand.

Well, long story short, the next day Karel called me to pick up my car, and what happened next is obvious. That’s the reason for which none of my shows could be attended. Meanwhile, I moved to the wilderness of the polar circle, as I simply didn’t mean to sit idle and wait. On the contrary, in line with my personal belief and standpoint, I took the ruined business opportunity and main source of income (most of the books I also sell through public events), and traditionally tried to turn the weakness to a strength.

However, maybe for some day in the future and because I am shifting and digitalising some activities online, I’d like to share:

Entertaining theater performance:

On my Youtube channel, divided into 4 episodes, I would like to share with you my great premiere, which given the circumstances also became a derniere…

Here is how it was presented on my webpage pre corona.

There were many events presented before the covid times, but let’s not dig into it…, all is gone and all is done, by now I am in command 😉 (for unacquainted: legendary remark from The Black Barons film series).
Should it ever happen that life will go back to the old tracks and you would want to have me come to some of your company events or something else, I’ll be glad if you get in touch…☺