Public performances


I’ve been taking part in many activities prior to the March lockdown in 2020.
Be it travelogs, dog shows, charity events, esoteric, motivational, or kid shows, or theater…
All of these suddenly came to an abrupt halt.

For a while, I was idle and waiting (but also working on a pilot project for a planned TV series “Bearded guy and furry friends, discovering motherland” see here), yet after some time it became obvious that no changes are coming soon.
Having in mind “There’s always a way” and “make opportunity out of adversity.”
Since I needed to make some money, and wanted to fulfill another dream, I set off to the north of Sweden, into the wilderness of the polar circle.

After being away for 13 months, we returned to Czechia in July 2021, but I was in no hurry to resume the public performances. First I wanted to see how the Corona restrictions unfold post September elections, as well as the country’s political direction. What would the conditions be like and whether or not I’d be still staying in Czechia. As it is, a lot of time, effort and money has already been wasted.

Although I’m not planning on any events yet, I’m currently taking offers to participate elsewhere. Let’s see.

To get a better picture overall, you may check what I did before the lockdown:

Entertaining on stage performance:

I’m sharing my grand premiere (and dernière), divided into 4 parts on my Youtube channel.

And this is how the performance was presented on my web before Corona happened. 

Team building/Motivation (more info here)